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We love what we get the privilege to do every day. Boiled down to basic terminology, we dispense financial advice and broker investment management transactions. While that doesn’t sound exciting, what truly inspires us is helping people realize their dreams. Cliché, maybe. What isn’t cliché is that sound, long-term financial planning is the mechanism most people dismiss when dreaming about their future.

Who thinks about budgets and saving when dreaming? We do. We believe every dream is feasible—if you create a plan that connects the resources you have today with that dream. That is what building goal-aligned money plans is all about.

Our more exciting explanation of what we do: We help clients pursue their financial vision for the future.

Why? Because our clients' futures matter. 

Our History

In August 2015, we launched as J. Woolley Financial Inc.
There is a lengthy decade-and-a-half backstory as to how this finally occurred.

Our Process

Financial planning and investment management differ. Investment management is a part of the financial planning process. It is a means to your end—YOUR goals. It is a means to get you to your vision for your financial future.