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Pass the Dinner Roll

November 20, 2018

Happy Slightly-early Thanksgiving!

Welcome to our first blog post. We’ll be posting the 3rd Tuesday of every month. We’ll write about financial industry insights, random musings about life and finances, and we might even throw in a funny movie clip here and there. We love to laugh and hope you’ll find our posts informative and entertaining.

Thanksgiving 30 years ago. Pop and Grandma’s house. 30 people gathered around the dinner table.

One of the uncles decided he needed one of Grandma Gladys’s fresh dinner rolls—which were in a bowl at the opposite end of the table.

Pop, ever-obliging and sitting nearest the bowl, grabs a roll and chucks it across the entire length of the table. Pop threw it like a classic touchdown pass from Joe Montana to Jerry Rice—he was a lifelong San Francisco 49ers fan. The uncle caught it. Dinner rolled on (pun intended). Five minutes later, a grandchild picked up a roll to do the same thing, but they got the don’t-do-that finger from Grandma Gladys. That ended the hoped for dinner-roll-pass tradition.

In the spirit of traditions, chucking dinner rolls, and generosity, we’d like to introduce you to TisBest. It’s an organization we found out about last year that we think is uber cool.

TisBest takes the uptick in the popularity of gift-card-giving and puts a generosity twist on it. You, as the gift-er, can give the gift-ee a gift card of any amount. Then your gift-ee goes online and redeems their card by choosing from 1.2 million charities. The money then gets sent to that charity.

Our first thought was “how cool is that for the family member who has everything!” Check it out at

Hopefully you’ll feel like Jerry Rice catching a touchdown pass when you get the most-thoughtful-and-inventive-gift award this year. Cheers to your gift-er award and cheers to being generous for great causes!


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