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Our History

Our History

In August 2015, we launched as J. Woolley Financial Inc. There is a lengthy decade-and-a-half backstory as to how this finally occurred—one day we’ll write it all down for posterity—but the lynch pin was that this company was the fulfillment of Jim’s dream to be independent. Jim Woolley, and his wife, Shannon, had dreamed that one day Jim would neither work for a company that sold financial products nor have a sales manager telling him what his clients needed. Starting J. Woolley Financial achieved that. It firmly placed him on the same side of the table as his clients—absolutely the best seat at the table.

Over the next few years, the company grew slowly, but steadily. In 2018, Jim and Shannon decided to change the name to reflect this. The new name, Mammoth Financial, debuted in May. This was a more direct light-hearted reference to their last name, and it resonated with the logo icon which has remained the same mammal—the woolly mammoth. There is no mistaking this logo for an elephant any longer. To boot, a lack of double-o’s and double-l’s makes the locution of our email addresses a delightful, anti-tongue-twister. It is no longer “jim at That’s Jim, J-I-M (pause) at J (pause) W-O-O (pause) L-L (pause) E-Y (pause) To reiterate, that’s Jim at J (pause) W (pause) double-O (pause) double-L (pause) E-Y (pause) financial (pause) dot com.” Imagine being the person on the other end of the phone call. We love how the new name and domain, mammoth dot financial—are spelled exactly how they sound.

Mid-2018, took us from a one-man shop, as Jim calls it, to a three-person shop. You can put some faces to our names here.

We love what we get the privilege to do every day. We help clients lift their financial vision to reality. We believe every dream is feasible—if you create a money plan that connects the resources you have today with your vision for the future.