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Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

There are some of us who will don't fit the "Employee" mold. You were born to lead. Born to create. Taking the risk of running a business is only mildly scary to you, but definitely worth the reward.  

When running a business or creating opportunity, you need to focus on what you are good at and outsource the rest.  

As a business owner, there are opportunities available to you that are not available to W-2 employees. Our financial planning process for business owners helps uncover what these might be and creates a plan for taking advantage of what you can when appropriate. 

  • 401(k) plan maximization 
  • Tax strategies
  • Investing corporate dollars 

Exit strategies - is selling your business the best "retirement plan"

Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investors

Do you enjoy the benefits of owning investment property but are growing tired of dealing with tenants, toilets and termites? Passive income and appreciation in value is great. But what is your exit strategy? Do you want to reduce or avoid capital gains taxation?  

We help real estate investors with a financial strategy that gets you away from tenants, termites and toilets as well as avoids capital gains tax but still gives you passive income and potential property value growth.  

If you own real estate and are an accredited investor, connect with us to discuss.  

Technology professionals<br/>

Technology professionals

Isn't technology great? You are already comfortable with it. Why not use technology (MS Teams, WebEx, DocuSign, financial planning software, investment management tools) to engage with a wealth manager too? Does the traditional model of sitting across a desk or conference room table from your financial advisor still work for you? 

We specialize in working with technology sales and C-Suite professionals who know the value of their time and want to focus on what they are good at. 

Agriculture Pros -Farmers/Ranchers/Dairymen

Agriculture Pros -Farmers/Ranchers/Dairymen

You like to invest in things you can touch and see. We work with several Ag Pros and we know. The stock market seems like not a good use of your time and hard earned money. But selling a farm or a dairy isn't always easy. The deals can be complicated and take time. What if your kids aren't interested in working the business you dedicated your life to? What if you have one kiddo that wants to work the land and you feel like you need to create a way to equally bless your other kids when the time comes? 

Having money/investments in addition to your ag wealth is a good idea. It gives you liquidity. It can also give a tax deduction and options in the future.  

What if a transition in ownership is going to cause a lot taxes to be due?  

Our process can help uncover and address these areas of concern. We also work with vendors that specialize in the concerns of those farm or run ranches and dairies.