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Our Process

Our Process

Financial planning and investment management differ. Investment management is a part of the financial planning process. It is a means to your end—YOUR goals based on YOUR values. It is a means to get you to YOUR vision for your financial future.

Investment Management:

  • Creating asset allocation based on risk tolerance and timeline to needing the assets, such as retirement.
  • The only measurement of success is market returns.

Our Financial Planning Process:

  • Coaching relationship between the financial planner and client, where they work together to achieve the client’s goals and celebrate when each goal is achieved.
  • Develop client’s financial vision for their future.
  • Create goals based on that vision.
  • Uncover available resources to achieve those goals.
  • Create a money plan. Implement it.
  • Success is measured by % of progress toward each goal.

Jim is the Certified Financial Planner™ professional and Investment Advisor here at Mammoth Financial. His role is:

  • Lead you through the values, financial vision, and goal setting processes.
  • Create an actionable money plan with the right strategies to move you toward your goals.
  • Coordinate the services of your tax and legal professionals, if applicable.
  • Act as your coach and first point of contact for you a nd your family.

For a more detailed look at our 7-step process and a fictional case study review, check out this blog post.

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